If you have been abroad in Europe in the last few years, you might have come across a company that everyone is talking about. - Realistix Solutions

Is Realistix Solutions really the way to go?. Here are some things to consider.

Travel is Growing at an astonishing rate!

We are living in the midst of changing times. In the past year a record 1 billion people travelled across an international border as a tourist, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council; with over 500 million within Europe. This accounts for one in seven people on the planet participating in an activity that just a few decades ago was exclusively for the wealthy. This is an outstanding milestone and it is clear that there is an inexorable growth in the number of people who want to travel around the world!

High Street Travel Agents are Phasing Out

The growth of the travel industry has also brought about change. A 2012 press release from KPMG  (The largest auditing firm in Europe) stated that the Traditional high-volume tour operating model is in terminal decline. Richard Hathaway, KPMG’s Head of Travel, Leisure and Tourism said: “The traditional high-volume tour operating model based on customers pre-booking flights and accommodation packages well in advance is in long term decline as more and more travellers opt for self-packaging online and niche solutions.”

Ownership Industry is falling short

In addition to the change in the traditional methods of booking travel, the extensive variations of Titled Holiday Products peaked in the late 1990’s and with drastic changes in the economic climate and changing travel needs are struggling in today’s market. While fresh ideas and a drastic change are so desperately needed within the titled industry, the big players try desperately to enforce their position in the industry and cover up their own failings and the harsh reality of the situation, by scaremongering consumers about modern products. Thankfully efforts are being made to inform the consumer market about these tactics.

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