Realistix Solutions - Spectacular Lakes to Visit in Kashmir in India

Although, there are many spectacular lakes are available in world countries, people like only Kashmir in India. Same time, they are bothered about the budget. Even from India, this is border place of India. Same time, flights are available subject to booked tickets. From any part of the world, there are many interesting lakes are found only here, moreover when considering other trips, visiting Kashmir lakes are very cheap to world people. 

The Realistix Solutions are able to understand, about the need of the tourists. According to them they are arranging this trip, in this Realistix Solutions trip they cover three important lakes, every lake is very interesting to visit in small boat with family, with driver or without driver. The beauty is the boat can be operated manually or through motors. Based on the budget of the family only Realistix Solutions are providing a comfortable trip to visit all these lakes.

Gadsar Lake is one of the most elevated high-altitude lakes in Jammu and Kashmir. This lake is extremely beautiful. This is surrounded by meadows and magnificent mountains, while traveling in boat the experience is wonderful one. This, Realistix Solutions are able to understand the taste of all tourists, and arranging a trip special trip to them.

Krishnasar Lake is next important lake to visit, only Realistix Solutions are able to provide boat house to tourists based on interest and budget. Krishnasar Lake near sonmarg lies at an elevation of  three thousand eight hundred and one meters above sea level, once a couple visit this place, it is sure they comeback with their children again here because of the service of the Realistix Solutions. Moreover, it  is renowned as an extremely scenic picnic spot for all tourists.

Normally all tour companies show all these lakes provide food accommodation, but they never offer boat to stay for one or two days with food and total arrangement in these lakes. But, Realistix Solutions are thinking very deep and providing costly boat at cheap rate by leasing the boats only for their travelers to visit these lakes. Everyone is aware who made the above trip, they enjoy fresh fish curry during this trip and all sea food as special food for these tourists. In case, the family is bringing aged person or children below ten years, they are under special care of the above tour makers so once the above trip is announced by the company tickets are filled by public.

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