Realistix Solutions: The Travel Resourcing Specialists

While the travel industry is evolving with each passing day, the things which were deemed impossible about some fifty years ago are the reality of the present; people are taking on their travel bags more than often. Travel means booking and people all over the world are using the means of the conventional modes as well as the modern ones in the process which seeking the best of services and value as a result.

All about Realistix Solution

Where the growing travel industry is concerned, the people in Realistic Solution came in terms of the changing scenario pretty early on and backed up with the travel industry knowledge for more than twenty eight years, have been since the last ten years trying to satisfy their clientele with their ever updating and enhancing services and products to meet the changing demands of the market.

The Services of the company

The service of the company is Concierge which is an online subscription service which is entirely developed, maintained and hosted by the company themselves.

Concierge is nothing but a host of travel resources which are the booking systems and nice live availability in terms of travelling aspects such as Hotels, Flights, Resorts and Villas. Other extras such as promotional rates and short notice resort weeks are also available in here. However the best part of this lies in the fact that the subscription to this service is free of charges and without any user commitments, subscription limitations along with a penalty-free non-subscription too.

The product of the company

Known as the Realistix Browser Suite, this is the Proprietary Internet Browser system developed for the Windows Operating system users by this company.

This browser is super fat in the installation aspects, table, fast, clutter-free as well as lightweight with minimalistic designing which makes the browsing experience breathtaking. Along with the functionality associated, this browser supports Skype and instant Chat as well.

Tit-bits about Realistix

1.     Foundation facts: The Company was founded in the year 2005 when it first started off with its operations on the development of their Online Booking Engine user portal along with lying the foundation for Concierge as well.

2.     Concierge facts: The service wing of the company, Concierge is the online subscription service they provide to people which is free of cost on subscription, devoid of any recurring charges along with the fact that there is no penalty if one ends the subscription at any point of time.

3.     Realistix Browser Software facts: This is a browser which can be easily purchased from any of the authorized dealer of the company or distributors. And, in case of purchase the software can be cancelled r returned back as per the policy of the dealer or the distributor.

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